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Gustav evacuees get waylaid in Lawton

Lawton_Dozens of Hurricane Gustav evacuees wound up in Lawton on Monday, but Lawton isn't a designated evacuation site, so there is no assistance available for them.  Oklahoma City is a designated evacuation site, and they are boarding evacuees at the Old Lucent Technology Center.  There are about 2,000 evacuees at the center, and it can hold double that amount of people.

A family from Lafayette, Lousiana is having trouble getting there from Lawton, though.  21 adults and 20 children from the Stevens family made their way to Lawton - unable to find lodging elsewhere.  It has been a difficult trip for them so far - they got lost, two cars have wheel problems, and they have 20 kids. 

Managing 20 children on a long and difficult trip is a challenge.  "We stopped at a gas station to put in gas...everybody jumps out," said Barbara Stevens.  "Now, you gotta run to try to grab them all back in to make sure you leave no one behind.  Now we're trying to make it back home.  We're trying to figure out if we have enough money for gas, we gotta get this tire fixed, we gotta get this tire rod fixed, we're at our wits end," she said.

If you are an evacuee of Hurricane Gustav and are making your way to Oklahoma City, take I-44 to I-40 West, travel North on Council Road to Reno.  You can also contact the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management at 405-521-2481.

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