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Wichita Falls woman attacked by dogs, officer shot in leg

Wichita Falls_At 2:20 PM officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to a 911 call to 2011 8th Street in reference to a female being attacked by several dogs.  When police responded they discovered Auroa Castro laying in the back yard of her residence with the dogs attacking her.  In an effort to try and get the dogs off of Castro an officer with the WFPD was accidentally shot in the leg.

Officers were able to secure the dogs inside the residence and get help to Castro.  AMR transported both Castro and the WFPD officer to United Regional Hospital for medical attention.  Animal control responded to the location and recovered four dogs.  The dogs are believed to be owned by Castro.  None of the dogs were injured.

The officer's injuries were non-life threatening.  Castro is still being treated for her injuries and her condition is unknown at this time.

Members of the WFPD Criminal Investigation Section are currently investigating the incident.

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