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Thunder in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City_The National Basketball Association team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics is now in Oklahoma, and as of Wednesday they officially have a new name--the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Hundreds of basketball fans packed Oklahoma City's Leadership Square, waiting anxiously for the unveiling.

Suddenly a clap, boom, and rolling sound that can only be one thing came over the speakers.


A half-dozen young fans helped Thunder stars Desmond Mason and Damien Wilkins unveil the name and logo as AC/DC's classic rock song "Thunderstruck" blasted over the sound system.

"It is my great privilege to say, welcome to Thunder basketball," chairman Clay Bennett told the crowd.

The name wasn't a surprise-- it was first reported in July.

The NBA website also provided a link to a schedule for the "Thunder" in early August.

One ESPN writer called it the worst kept secret ever, which Bennett acknowledged with a laugh.

"Well it's hard to keep a secret."

He didn't seem bothered the logo leaked on the internet this weekend and the NBA's online store started selling shirts and hats Wednesday afternoon before the official announcement.  Everyone was still excited for the official unveiling.

"Today is really for the fans," said Thunder general manager Sam Presti.  "Today is for this community and we're just grateful to be able to represent this community."

Bennett says the logo is designed for Oklahoma.  The primary color is blue to match the state flag, and the yellow, red and orange represent a setting sun.

"We hope that you will wear it as proudly as we're gonna wear it," said P.J. Carlesimo, the head coach of the Thunder.

"We hope that you are proud of our team, when you get a chance to see them at the Ford Center."

Wednesday's event is the first in a series of unveilings.

Jerseys are ready and the team will debut them at training camp at the end of the month.

A mascot is in development and will be ready for the start of the season.

The Thunder begin the NBA season on October 29, with a home game at the Ford Center against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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