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Farmers and gas prices

Lawton_The high price of gas is doing more than stopping the average gas consumer at the pump. Farmers and ranchers at the Comanche County Fairgrounds Thursday, say rising fuel costs are causing more farmers and ranchers to farm and ranch less.

They say if this pattern continues you'll be doing more than just pumping your money away. In fact you'll find yourself *eating* the cost of pricey fuel.

Farmers and ranchers are paying more for fertilizer, animal feed, and of course fuel. They say it's just a matter of time before hefty fuel prices become too tough for you to swallow.

Dairy classroom instructor Todd Griffin says lately Sister the milk cow has been working overtime to earn her keep. "That cow has to produce 60 pounds of milk to pay her feed bill, but when you throw that cost of fuel in there that cow has to produce that much more," Griffin says.

Griffin encourages students to farm and ranch. He hopes one day they'll help balance an agriculture equation. He says, "Fewer people today are in agriculture today, but we're feeding more people then we've ever fed in history."

Comanche Fairground Executive Director Richard Pool says if that equation isn't balanced soon, the U.S. Will face an agriculture break down. "There's going to be a time where our food comes from foreign sources, and it's going to be a serious problem, they'll dictate what prices they'll sell to us," says Pool.

High school ag teachers say enrollment for ag classes are down. A big reason for's just too expensive to raise livestock when battling high fuel costs.


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