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Phone scam warning

Lawton_A warning from The Oklahoma Highway Patrol. It's a phone scam telling people their loved ones have been killed or injured in a car crash. As if that's not bad enough, there's more to the scam and it could cost you money.

Someone claiming to be from the Highway Patrol is calling people to tell them they've found their phone number in the cell phone of a person who has been injured or killed in a car crash. O-h-p says it does not make phone notifications.

"We're going to knock on your door or we're going to try and figure out a way to track you down and we're going to want to tell you in person, because we feel that is the only professional way to notify a loved one that another one of their families members has been injured in a crash," says Trooper Tom Pixton.

So when word came of phone notifications, supposedly from the Highway Patrol, Troopers began doing some investigating. It turns out the number the caller is leaving begins with *72, which enables call forwarding. So when people call it, they lose control of their phone line, and it allows the scam artist to rack up a large bill on their account.

Pixton says, "I cannot come up with a situation in my mind where I would use another individuals cell phone to make contact information for somebody."

It's a heartless scam, that Troopers do not want you to fall for. Especially during a vulnerable time.

"It definitely pulls at that individual's emotions knowing that a family member or a loved one of theirs has been in hurt in a crash," Pixton says.

O-h-p says this scam is happening in other states as well. If you get the call, they want you to contact police right away.

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