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Okla. schools' exam results show troubling numbers

Lawton_Oklahoma Superintendent of Schools, Sandy Garrett, says the results of the End-of-Instruction Exams taken by all high school students is a serious concern.  Students must pass four out of seven exams to graduate, and the numbers for 2008 are proving grim.  The percentages of proficiency in Oklahoma shows half of the averages failing.  7News investigated how Lawton Public Schools' (LPS) high schools fared.

LPS Deputy Superintendent of Schools Linda Dzialo says the state numbers mean that three out of four students in the state of Oklahoma would not receive a diploma.  Looking at the state numbers, Lawton students scored higher in three subjects and equal in one.  Lawton students had less than average scores in Algebra II, U.S. History, and Biology.  "If a student does not pass four of the seven - and all students must pass Algebra I and English II - if that doesn't happen, then the student at this juncture will not receive a high school diploma," said Dzialo. 

Dzialo says she is happy to say that Lawton students fared above the state percentage in four areas, but the district doesn't intend on leaving well enough alone.  "Our teachers have been working very hard, and we're very proud of the gains that they've made," she said.  LPS has purchased new computer software, is adding additional teacher training, and anything else to help their students to excel.  "If a student goes all the way through twelve years of instruction - even if they pass their courses - if they do not pass this particular test, they would not receive a diploma," said Dzialo. 

Math scores in Oklahoma improved 4% over last year.  The exams are part of Oklahoma's "Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE)" law, which requires all students - beginning with the class of 2012 - to pass at least four of the seven exams in order to earn a high school diploma.
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