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Lawton man stands trial for molesting girlfriend's son

Comanche County_A Lawton man stands accused of molesting his girlfriend's 12-year-old emotionally disabled son, and the woman did not report it for more than a month after she says she found out about it.  The strange case went to trial on Monday in Comanche County.  The boy claims that the mother's boyfriend - Anthony Alford - has been molesting him, but with no forensic evidence or eyewitnesses it comes down to who his telling the truth. 

The boy suffers from bipolar disorder, a panic disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder, and the defense is questioning his credibility.  They also are doubting the mother for waiting so long to report any abuse to the police.  The questions over the creditability of the pair arose after the manner in which the allegation came to light.  The allegation occurred after his mother confronted him when she found sex toys and pornographic videos in his room.  As she was punishing him, she says the boy confessed to being obsessed with sex because Alford had been molesting him.  But, the defense claims the boy made up the allegation because of his psychological instability.

The boy is now 15 years old, and says that he was molested about twice a month, for a year and a half - 32 times - and never told anyone about the abuse.  District Attorney Bill Riley says that the boy told police that Alford would enter his bedroom, fondle him, and perform oral sex on the boy.  When the mother confronted Alford, she says he admitted to abusing the boy. 

The mother - who will remain anonymous to protect her minor son - says she waited to report the abuse because she wanted to get $5,000 from her boyfriend, Anthony Alford.  She says he claimed her children on his income taxes to receive an extra $4,500, and she reported the molestation within days of withdrawing the money.  Records show that she reported the molestation within days of withdrawing the money, but the details are fuzzy on whether the report, or withdrawal, came first.

The mother says she waited for the money because she is a stay-at-home mom, and could not support herself and her kids without getting the cash from Alford.  She says she stands by her son as she was also abused as a child, and no one believed her. 

Alford is expected to testify in the case on Tuesday.  You can count on 7News to bring you the rest of the story.

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