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Alford acquitted in sex abuse trial

Lawton_A Comanche County jury has found Anthony Alford not guilty of molestation.  They returned their verdict a little after 6pm Tuesday after deliberating for an hour.  He had been accused of molesting his girlfriend's emotionally-disabled 12-year-old son for more than a year.

 On Tuesday, the boy took the stand and recalled the details of what he said happened.  He says, Alford touched him in his "private spots," and once attempted to rape him.  Alford denied the accusations on the stand.

Both sides testified under oath that their stories were true, but no one could agree on one specific detail from the day when the boy and his mother confronted Alford about the alleged molestation.  Initially, mother and son told police that Alford was sleeping.  On Tuesday, however, the mother testified that he vacuuming.  While the boy testified that he was folding clothes, Alford said the boy was picking up trash. 

Because of the disagreement on such a small detail, the defense argued that the jury should not believe the details of the molestation.  However, the prosecution said that disputed details do not affect the validity of a molestation claim. 

In court, the boy claimed that he has a difficult time remembering the details of each sexual encounter with his mother's boyfriend because years had passed.  He testified that the times, dates, and locations all run together, but said he will never forget the encounters.  The defense countered that the boy cannot remember because he is fabricating the entire claim.

The boy testified that he was molested in nearly every room of the home, and the encounters increased in severity until - during the final incident - Alford attempted to rape him.  One month later, he testified that he told his mother about the abuse during an argument over his messy room.  The defense maintained that the boy has emotional disorders, and severe behavioral issues, and made the story up as his mother was about to punish him by taking away his Playstation. 

The defense repeatedly questioned both the boy and his mother as to why he never reported the abuse.  During testimony the boy said that he was scared that if he told anyone, that Alford would hurt his mother.  He testified that he repeatedly told Alford to stop, and that he had finally given up home that the abuse would ever end.

Both sides disagreed on nearly every detail.  For example, the boy testified that Alford forced him to watch pornographic movies that belonged to his mother.  However, Alford said he never touched the movies.  In addition, the boy said that Alford forced him to visit pornographic internet sites, but Alford said he didn't have a password to log on to the computer.


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