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Defendant testifies in rape trial: UPDATE

Lawton_ A Lawton man accused of kidnapping and rape took the stand Friday. Jason Surman testified he picked up the accuser at a convenience store because she needed a ride. He says in the car they made an agreement to have sex for money -- so he pulled over on a gravel road in southwest Lawton.

But he says he couldn't complete the act, so they drove back to the intersection where he picked her up, and she got out. The 18-year-old accuser has a different story, claiming it was kidnapping and rape.

 She testified that the defendant kidnapped her from the Stripes convenience store at NW 67th and Cache Road on July 16, 2007.  Friday, the defense attorney asked several witnesses, including the girl herself, why she didn't cry out for help, or attempt to escape from the car if she was being kidnapped.  The prosecution said she did try to get out, and jumped from the car whiile it was moving, and was temporarily knocked unconscious, but Surman revived her, and put her back in.

During the full day of examining evidence, the prosecution presented more than 40 items - most of which were photographs.  He showed the girl's torn jeans and shirt, evidence from the rape kit, and 911 records.  The defense spend the majority of the day arguing that the evidence showed nothing more than consensual sex - if any - took place.  The jury had the opportunity to physically review the evidence.

Prosecutor Bill Riley from the Comanche County District Attorney's Office called several witnesses to the stand.  Each had a part in the investigation of the case or tending to the girl's injuries.  She had cuts, abrasions, and bruises.  Both sides agreed that the wounds were a result of jumping from Surman's SUV while he was driving about 50-miles-per-hour down a gravel road. 

Defense Attorney Armando Mata questioned the witnesses about whether the girl had bruises consistent with being grabbed or assaulted.  They could only confirm that it was consistent with falling onto the road.  The prosecution also showed the original interviews of Surman at the police station the day after the incident.  In the interviews he said he was wearing a red shirt; however, the Stripes surveillance video shows he was wearing a white shirt - the shirt the girl says he gave to her to cover up with since her clothes were torn.  The interviews also showed Surman's original story to the police.  According to his statement, the girl jumped from the car for no reason, he went back to get her, and she was gone.  However, the girl testified that she was dropped off near Supercuts at 67th and Cache Road.  On Thursday, a hair stylist there testified that she saw the girl get out of a dark SUV.

The jury is expected to deliberate on Monday.

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