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Woman accused of selling "invisible fences" caught in North Carolina

Lawton_58-year-old Isle Glaser was arrested in North Carolina and is returning to Comanche County to face charges.  Comanche County District Attorney Robert Schulte says there is one charge against her, but three other open cases in her file.  Authorities say she scammed folks through her fence company "All Seasons Fence."  They say she took money up front for fences that were never built.  Glaser was arrested in North Carolina for obtaining money under false pretenses and having a fugitive warrant.  Once her charges in North Carolina are complete, Comanche County sheriff's deputies say they will bring her back to face charges here.  No word on how long that may take.

Since the story aired, 7News has received numerous calls, and last Wednesday we got some results.  Comanche County District Attorney Robert Schulte said the scam had been an ongoing problem, but had recently gotten worse.  "She would take the money, promise the fence, and then give umpteen reasons why there was no performance, or why it had not been erected in a timely fashion," said Schulte. 

In the past, Glaser always has managed to remain one step ahead of the authorities and the scam victims.  "There were other cases that were submitted to law enforcement, and during the time they were being worked up, or investigated, or before they made their way to this office she would go out and make restitution to those victims," Schulte said. 

This time, Schulte says, Glaser went too far.  She took more than $4,000 from a builder in Elgin, and didn't follow through on erecting the fence.  Schulte says that amount of cash makes the crime a felony, which carries a punishment of up to ten years in prison and a fine of $5,000. 

If you believe you have been scammed by "All Seasons Fence Company," come forward.  The court may be able to file criminal charges.  "If we get her back, get her before the court, I can try to negotiate for some restitution," said Schulte.  He says the difficult part about this sort of case is determining whether the crime is civil or criminal.  In order for a criminal case to be fought by a district attorney, they must prove the act was fraud - that the fence company intentionally planned to rip them off when money was exchanged. 

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