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String of break-ins brings volunteers to Lawton family's rescue

Lawton_7News brought you the story of a Lawton homeowner who was burglarized for the fifth time almost one month ago.  During his previous interview, he was so afraid for his family's safety that he decided to pack up and move.  Monday, the man and his family still reside in the same home with no intentions of leaving - and, they're experiencing a change in luck.

For years, the homeowner's windows and doors had been shattered and due to those trying to steal from the family.  Now, the house is transformed into a fortress by the Baptist Builders.    It took a little elbow-grease, time and bars for the windows, but now Bobby Glasco and family have their life back.  "Today I've got one of my dreams come true," he said.  "I am getting house that I don't have to stay up at night and guard to keep people from breaking in."

Additions to Glasco's home have made it safer, thanks to volunteers like Bud Boyd.  "If someone sees bars on the windows I think that is a deterrent," he said.  Glasco says that if it wasn't for the  Baptist Builders, he would have made the bitter decision to move.  "I really didn't want to have to sell my house and leave, because this is the first home I've ever owned," said Glasco.  "It will be the only one, because I'm 100% disabled, now and I don't work anymore."

Glasco says he knew that he couldn't keep his family in the house with no security.  Even after 7News aired the story about his fifth robbery, someone thought they would attempt a break-in - attempt number six - only two nights ago.  "I went and opened the curtain real quick, and two guys took off and went that way as fast as they could," he said.  "I didn't even bother to call the police."  Boyd says that after talking to Glasco and his family, it was clear they needed help.  "It seems to me that people are picking on him because he's disabled," said Boyd. 

Glasco says that picking on him won't be easy now.  "They said they could fix my windows, and put bars on it, and make it safe," he said.  "I said, ‘I ain't goin' nowhere!  I'm gonna croak in this house, now!'"  Now, all of Glasco's windows have security bars, and the broken windows have been replaced.  One window was so badly damaged after the last burglary that it cost $1,000 to repair.  Glasco says that without the help of the community, he would not have been able to keep his house.

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