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Company admits mistakes at wind farm

Lawton_The turbines are safe....but management wasn't doing its job. That's the word from a representative from Horizon Wind Energy, the company behind the wind farm in the Slick Hills of Caddo County.

On Monday a representative spoke at the Comanche County Commissioners Meeting. Over the past few weeks, the turbines sparked some concerns. Some turbines were leaking. That's important because leakage from the wind farm could end up in an aquifer that empties into Lake Lawtonka, which is where Lawton gets its drinking water.

But the representative assured people the mess was cleaned up according to E-P-A guidelines. He also said he doesn't think the problem came from a design standpoint -- instead from management.

He said an on-site manager in charge of the wind farm was fired, as well as the operations manager from Horizon Wind Energy.

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