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"Crystal Darkness - Oklahoma"

Lawton_Organizers are describing an upcoming documentary entitled "Crystal Darkness - Oklahoma" as one of the largest single events in Oklahoma history.  The 30-minute film explores the growing crystal meth crisis in Oklahoma where filmmakers talked to recovering addicts, rehabilitation workers, and law enforcement officials across the state.  Some of the film was shot in Lawton. 

The film is set to air in January 2009 on at least 9 television stations in Oklahoma simultaneously, including 7News.  On Tuesday, in Lawton, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) officials screened portions of the first "Crystal Darkness" film set in Nevada, to community leaders, counselors, and recovering addicts.  "The most important component that we have to have to be successful is citizens," said OBN Director Darrell Weaver.  "At every level, we have to find a way to be involved with ‘Crystal Darkness.'"

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley will appear in the film.  He has arrested numerous addicts of what he calls "the devil's candy."  "I've seen a lot of drugs come and go, and this is one that is probably the most worst I ever saw in my life," he said.  Weaver says he has seen tremendously positive results from "Crystal Darkness - Nevada," and says it also will work in Oklahoma.  "We're anxious to see what kind of changes and what kind of effects it's going to have," he said.  "We believe that there are going to be changes in effect."

When the film airs, a 211 call center to call for help will be in place to get help for a family member, friend, or themselves.  "What this is intended to do is to come up with resources for after [the film airs], for the people that come out that say ‘I need some help,'" said OBN General Counsel Susan Rogers.  "Here's your community.  Here are your local resources, and this is where you go."

Rogers and Stradley say they don't want to arrest hundreds of addicts.  Instead, they want to help users escape their addictions.  "We're here to tell you that we care about you, and that we want to help you," said Rogers.  "If you want some help, we're gonna have deals lined up that to night to get you some help - get you off of this.  That's our greatest passion."

"Crystal Darkness - Oklahoma" is one of 12 "Crystal Darkness" films produced to date.  Other cities and states are planning their own documentaries to expose their local problems.  "Crystal Darkness - Oklahoma" premieres on 7News, January 13, 2009, at 6:30 p.m.  Stations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa will be airing the documentary at the same time.  Check your local listings for channel information.  For more information on the film, please visit www.crystaldarknessoklahoma.org.

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