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New details emerge as OSBI releases statement on shooting death of Marcell Johnson

Lawton_As mourners pay their respects at a shrine set up at the site of the shooting of Marcell Johnson in the area of 13th and Summit, Chief Ronnie Smith says that they are patrolling the area and as people pay their respects at the site he urges that order continue to be maintained.  He says wants people to know that the police will not tolerate any destruction of city property.

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In a statement from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Agent Richard Goss announced that the agency is conducting an independent and thorough investigation to determine the facts surrounding last week's officer involved shooting.

The facts will then be presented to the appropriate prosecutorial authority for their review and determination as to whether or not the shooting was justified under Oklahoma law.  The remainder of the statement follows:

As many will recall, in 2001, the OSBI investigated a Lawton police officer involved in a shooting that ultimately led to charges being filed against him - that is the epitome of an independent investigation.

We are currently finalizing our investigation into last Thursday's shooting death of Marcell Johnson.  Three agents are currently working overtime on this particular case, and we expect to be meeting with (Comanche County) District Attorney Robert Schulte later this week.

In the meantime, though some media outlets have published some information that is not only inaccurate but inflammatory. This mis-information is simply adding fuel to the fire in what has already become a tense relationship between some members of the community and law enforcement.

Normally, we do not discuss specific facts of an ongoing investigation, but after consulting with (Lawton Police) Chief Ronnie Smith, we agree that some of the facts need to be made (public).

Marcell Johnson died as a result of two gunshot wounds - one to the front of his neck, and the other to his chest.  Both entries were to the front and neither exited his body.  Both bullets were recovered during his autopsy.  The information that he was shot in the back is false.  Marcell was not left at the scene of the shooting.  Both Lawton police officers and Emergency Medical Technicians tried desperately to save him - none wanted him to die.

It is not proper for the Lawton Police Department to comment on an ongoing OSBI investigation, just as the OSBI would not comment on one of theirs.

By Oklahoma law, the OSBI investigation can only be divulged to the requesting law enforcement agency and the proper prosecutorial authority.  We understand the Johnson family has questions regarding the death of their loved one, and we will make ourselves available to meet with the family - along with Mr. Schulte, if he so desires - once the investigation is complete.


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