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Duncan PD opens 'sub-station' in high-crime area

Duncan_For the first time, the city of Duncan is opening a 'sub-station' in one of their high-crime areas.   Police say crime is rising on the city's southeast side, and additional patrols aren't enough. So, they decided to set up shop in an unusual location.  Instead of building an additional station, they moved into the Elm Terrace Apartment complex which, they say, is surrounded by criminal activity.

Tagged walls, run down homes, and boarded up windows are just a few things you see in the southeast part of Duncan.  Teddy Kincannon lives there and says the extra patrol is badly needed, especially at the Elm Terrace Apartments.  "The place that they are going to put that at has been trouble, trouble, trouble ever since the first year that they had it over there," Kincannon said.

Apartment manager Gina West says it's not an accurate depiction.  "Everybody in bed by nine oclock, nobody's outside," she said.  But, Major Rick Lang of the Duncan Police Department disagrees.  "I can tell you that the calls for service had become rather high," said Major Lang.  "We took 56 calls for service for non-police-initiated calls during the first three weeks of September.  People reporting shots fired, disturbances, suspicious vehicles, those types of calls."

Police hope a more visible presence will cut down on those calls--and crime.  "We're doing walk-through patrols about twice a shift through Elm Terrace.  We walk around and see how residents are doing and how life is going over there.  It has helped some," Lang said.

Duncan police moved into the sub-station September 19th. Police say they'll have to wait a few months to see if they're making a real impact.  Police don't man the sub-station 24 hours a day.  For right now, officers are only there as needed, usually late afternoon and night.

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