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Make your voice count, voter registration deadline approaching

Lawton_Oklahoma voters have just over one week left to sign up and become eligible to vote to make their mark on the 2008 Presidential Election.  Oklahomans must apply to become registered to vote by the deadline of midnight, Friday, October 10.  Comanche County Election Board officials say they have seen a lot more people registering than this time four years ago.  "In September of 2004, we registered about 1400 registrations," said Election Board Secretary Monica Baughman.  "In September of this year we did [registered] 2200."

It's simple to register, too.  Walk inside your county's election board office, tell them you want to apply to vote, and they will bring you a registration form.  The single sheet of paper will take two or three minutes to complete.  They need your name, birth date, and address so to send you your registration card.  You'll need to provide either your Oklahoma driver's license number, or the last four digits of your social security number--in case you don't have an Oklahoma license - you can still vote without an ID.  Now, if you can't come by the county election board office, you can get a form at any tag agency.  You'll need to show proof of identification - send in a copy of your driver's license, passport, military ID.  You can even mail in a copy of a water bill or electric bill as long as it shows proof of residence.  Mail must be post marked by October 10.

7News reporter Robert Richardson was registered in Alabama, and voted there in the 2004 Presidential Election.  However, he needed to register as an Oklahoma resident, and he did on Thursday.  You also will need to re-register if you have not voted in the last six years.  After you sign your form, the election board will mail your voter registration card that lists your polling place.  It should arrive in the mail soon after you register. 

7News photographer David Castro wasn't old enough to vote in the last Presidential Election, but he also registered to vote on Thursday - and, there were plenty of others registering right along with him.  "I think this is probably an important election, and I've never actually done it before," said first time voter Brant Davidson.  "I think it's probably a good time to start voting."  Baughman says each time a voter gets an opportunity to participate in the process, they should take it.  "I think every election, everyone should be motivated, even if it's not a presidential election - city council, school boards, I think they're all important."

Once you are registered to vote, if you are concerned about being able to make it to a polling place by election day, you can put in a request for an absentee ballot if you make the request by October 29.  Once you have made a request for an absentee ballot, they will send you the ballot, and you have until election day - November 4 - to turn it in.  Texas voters must be registered by Monday, October 6, so you only have a few more days.

Officials say there are probably 20,000 eligible voters in Comanche County who haven't registered.  So, head on over to the election board office on the street level of the Comanche County Courthouse.

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