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Students at Lincoln Elementary learn about fire safety

Lawton_Students at Lincoln Elementary School in Lawton know what to do when they see a fire, thanks to the firemen from Station One.  Firefighters visited with Lincoln's pre-k and kindergarten class to teach them fire safety and awareness as part of the annual National Fire Prevention Week. 

Safety is first priority at Lincoln Elementary, and now these youngsters know how to stop, drop and roll.  They've learned that knowing what to do during a fire is a must.  "The earlier we start to teach children about fire safety, the better it is for them," said Principal Robbie Gillis. 

Who better to teach kids about fire safety than firemen?  The firefighters taught them three tips for fire safety.  "If we can teach them to stop, drop, and roll - the basic fire plan - and know what their smoke detector sounds like, they can [do it] on their own," said Lieutenant Rick Chapman.  "Some of these kids may be home alone for a short period of time - [it's important] that they know what to do, and they can make decisions at their level to get out of their house and proceed to a safe area, and wait till fire service arrives."

The students at Lincoln remember the message, too.  "You have to go out to someone else's to your next door neighbor's house and call 911," said kindergartener Kathleen Huffmaster.  "I hope children will take away what they learn, take it home, share it with parents so that it can be put into action," said Chapman.

Firefighters say each family should have a fire plan so they know how to get out of the house, and where they will all meet once outside.  Chapman says it makes putting out a fire a lot easier if they know the entire family has made it out of a burning house safely.  Firefighters say that getting out of the home is most important.  The National Fire Protection Association reports that there were nearly 3,000 deaths from house fires in 2007.  Teaching children how to react while they are young will help them a lot, throughout their lives.

Fire Prevention Week is a national campaign to promote fire safety and awareness across the United States.  Please visit where you can find information on how to protect your home and family in the event of a fire. 

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