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Holiday in the Park going green

Lawton_The holidays are fast approaching, and a lot of lights will soon be popping up all over Lawton.  On Wednesday, a committee met to begin preparations for the Second Annual Holiday in the Park.  This year, folks will be able to sponsor their own trees, which means they will be responsible for decorating and lighting them.  A few other changes will include "greener" lights.

The committee met to hammer out details of the celebration and to review new light technologies.  Hardware store owner Kenneth Easton says that the new bulbs will save energy, and last longer.  the committee brought in Easton to brief them on changing technology.  Easton says that new CFL bulbs can last longer, and stay cooler through the holidays.  "We have, in the last couple years, brought out a commercial line, and you can see how much heavier the cord is," he said. 

Easton made his recommendations to the committee, so that they have time to implement their policies for the festivities.  "We're also seeing the newest changes the LED lights that are coming on the market," he said.  "They are very energy efficient.  They've got a lot longer life." 

Jim Garret is the vice chair for the committee and says they are trying to do a few things differently this year.  "This year we're going to try and concentrate all our displays in one area by the holiday house, and light the trees this year that were not lit last year," he said.  Justin Dipprey chairs the committee and says there are plans in the works for hot chocolate to be served, and local choirs to perform.  "I got involved because the holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, and no better way to spend it than bringing joy to other people," he said.  "It's a family display, family function, and Lawton needs more of that."

Organizers say they hope everything will be decorated by November 21.

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