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Lawton Public Schools bond

Lawton_This December will be round 2 for Lawton voters to head to the polls. When voting in the municipal election primaries, Lawtonians will vote again for a 38-million dollar bond package for public schools. The bond proposals were part of a special election in May, but failed to get 60-percent support. The school board thinks it's not that people were opposed, but not enough supporters turned out to vote--only 15 percent of eligible voters did.

 "Now that people have seen that if i don't actively get involved, there isn't an automatic that just takes place. And so we're hoping that many of those parents that presumed it would pass and did not take the time to vote will get out and do that," said LPS Superintendent Barry Beauchamp.

The proposed bonds would buy new school buses and support other upgrades including building, repairing, and remodeling schools.

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