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UT punishes students for not removing political signs

Austin_The University of Texas has barred two students from registering for spring classes after they refused to take down political signs from their dormitory window.

Connor Kincaid is a 20-year-old junior. He and his cousin and roommate, Blake Kincaid, said a UT staff member told them during an administrative hearing yesterday to remove their signs supporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Connor calls this "an important free speech issue,'' especially since he saw a sign supporting Republican candidate John McCain in the window of another dorm.

The university says the dispute has nothing to do with either candidate. UT has had a policy for more than 10 years forbidding the posting of signs in dorm windows in order to control the look of the campus. UT officials also say they want to avoid the appearance that the university is supporting any candidate.  University Democrats and Republicans are working together to fight rules they say are unconstitutional. They're encouraging students across campus to display signs in their dorm windows in protest.


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