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Okla. gas prices some of the lowest in the nation

Lawton_Only a few months ago gas prices were skyrocketing.  Now with the economy, gasoline prices are down to an average of $2.89 per gallon locally.  AAA reports that Oklahoma prices are some of the lowest in the nation, falling to 64-cents per gallon since September 16th. 


Lawtonians are keeping their financial belts tight, and combining trips even as prices fall.  AAA says there are a number of reasons for lower gas prices.  They say the strength of the US dollar and lack of bad news overseas are keeping prices palatable – and, Lawtonians couldn’t be happier about that.


Lawton drivers are leaving gas stations with a smile, a full tank of gas, and a wallet that is not empty.  AAA spokesman Chuck Mai says that prices will continue to drop as long as gas stays below $90 per barrel, reports say that prices in Oklahoma City have dropped as low as $2.57 per gallon today.

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