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Texoma man's gasoline bill nearly non-existent

Lawton_Gas prices are dropping, but one local man's gasoline bill has gone down to almost nothing.  A few months ago Juan Guarhardo ordered an electric car, and it was delivered to him and his friend Rosa last week.  Now, he lives in a world where filling up his tank is rare.  He says he drives his pure electric car around city streets, and when he comes home, he plugs it in.  It takes four hours to charge, and six to drive. 

Although the car can only travel about 26-miles-per-hour, people in Juan's neighborhood could be getting a glimpse into the future.  While they may not be sure quite what it is, they sure are curious.  "Yeah I was walking by a couple weeks ago and I was, like, ‘Wow!" said neighbor Lonisha McGee.  "I saw him standing outside, and I was, like, ‘What kind of car is that?'" 

The $9,000 car has room in the back for storage space, and a regular radio inside.  When he's ready to go, Juan need only put in the key and release the emergency brake.  While Juan was taking 7News for a spin, many people stopped, and some stayed in their cars - others took photos with their cell phones.  Rosa and Juan say they use the electric car to go to the mall, Wal-Mart, Sam's, and to pick up the kids from school. 

Guarhardo says he believes he is the only person in Lawton who drives an electric car.  He ordered off of the internet through Milo Gordon Honda in Lawton.  He says the insurance isn't bad, either, because of the green technologies on the car.
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