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Oklahoma Bankers Association unveils consumer-oriented web site

Oklahoma City_PRESS RELEASE_There are a number of questions that can be overheard in coffee shops, grocery stores, financial institutions, front porches and living rooms across the state.

"How does the financial crisis affect me ... what exactly IS FDIC Deposit Insurance ... Is my money safe? and, most importantly ... where in the heck do I find a bank that specializes in free student checking in this town?!"

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has launched a new Web site aimed at helping consumers answer these frequently-asked questions. After all, it's only fair for the public to understand banking issues, as well as having several needed tools for their own personal banking and financial issues.

This Web site - www.oklabanks.info - is chock full of, well, INFO, on the current financial issues sweeping the country, along with answers to frequently-asked personal finance questions, lessons and tips on how to avoid fraud scams and general information on the banking industry.

Additionally, one of the most attractive parts of the site are tools that enable potential customers to find banks in their area that specialize in particular services and a smorgasbord of financial calculators to help consumers figure up anything from "How long it will take to pay off my credit card?" to "How can I save a million dollars?"

"Oklabanks.info exists to help customers answer the questions they've been wondering about for years, such as the difference between ‘national banks' and ‘state banks,' as well as giving them correct and straight-forward information on issues that have surfaced recently, such as FDIC Deposit Insurance and what it does," OBA Vice President of Communications Jeremy Cowen said. "This entire site is set up totally as a public service by our Association to help those consumers and customers get the correct information they need - and not rely on hearsay and so-called ‘experts."

"With this information, along with the array of tools, search engines and calculators also available, oklabanks.info truly is a ‘one-stop shopping' as far as consumers needing questions answered and information collected on financial and banking issues."

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