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Hungry families keeping Lawton Food Bank busy

Lawton_Food shortages in Lawton are keeping a local food bank busy.  It reports that 48 families needed help on Wednesday - more than double the number it was last year's average daily number.  Officials there say they are stocking up and setting aside extra grub for the holidays.  But, is the economic downturn causing the spike in numbers at the food bank?

The Food Bank certainly is stocking up for the holidays, but says there are more people in need this year than ever.  Director Jeri Mosiman wants to help all of those in need, such as Lori Hargrove.  "This is my first time coming to the Lawton Food Bank, and I really do thank god that it is here and available for us," she said. 

Mosiman says the food bank wants to match the needs of the community, with items such as frozen foods, candy bars, canned goods, and toiletries.  Lori says she is not sure what she would do without the extra help.  "[I'm] trying to get through to the beginning of the next month," she said.  "Just a lot of starches, canned goods, and they're good about giving meat for meals like chicken and turkey."

The food bank also is gearing up for the holidays.  The economic crunch doesn't let up just because Santa's in town.  "From November 3rd through December 23rd we give out a box of food strictly for the holidays," said Mosiman.  "That's in addition to the usual - that way everyone can have a nice holiday meal." 

In order to get assistance from the Lawton Food Bank, those in need will be required to fill out a survey detailing how much food they will need for 7-10 days.  Everyone is different, so the needs of each family may have stark contrasts.  Mosiman says that they are ready to help any and all of those in need.  "They're allowed to come every 30 days," she said.  "The families of people who have employment, they're allowed to come back every 60 days if need be."

In September, 2007, the food bank helped 765 people, and during September of this year, that number jumped to 1,300. 

If you would like to make a donation at the Lawton Food Bank, they are open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.  For more information, please call 580-353-7994.

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