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As election nears, campaign sign wars begin

Altus_Election day is quickly approaching, and ads and signs are going up in increasing numbers.  Obama and McCain supporters are pulling out all the stops - and so are their supporters.  Many voters are doing all they can to get their favorite candidate elected - including putting up signs all over town.  However, sometimes politics are getting heated.

With testy times, come testy measures.  An Obama supporter in Altus says someone took out their political frustration on her Obama/Biden sign.  "Someone had come all the way up in my yard, and pulled that sign out of the ground - took it and twisted the wires - destroyed the sign," said Emma Mayberry. 

Mayberry says she had only had the sign in her yard for a week before it was destroyed.  Now, she says she's doing something a little different so that no one destroys her new one.  "Now I take it inside at night when it turns dark - I just remove that sign and take it inside," she said. 

Mayberry isn't the first victim of the political banner bandits.  "I can't remember an election - city, state, or national election - where we didn't have someone lose signs, have signs damaged, destroyed, or stolen," says Altus Police Chief Mike Patterson.  Democrats and Republicans both report that signs have been destroyed or stolen, but the incidents aren't ruffling too many feathers.   "I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't worry about it.  I'd just keep going," said McCain supporter Pat Brown.

Destroying campaign signs won't change their votes, either.  "By them thinking that removing the sign is going to change my mind, it's not," said Brown.  "If someone took down my McCain sign, I'd put at least 2 more up."

The Comanche County Republican and Democratic Headquarters' say they have had more than a dozen reports of political signs being removed, destroyed, or damaged.  Vandals beware - damaging a political sign is a misdemeanor, and those caught likely will be charged with vandalism or robbery, and fined.

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