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The secret to not getting the flu is in the sink

Lawton_Flu season has arrived, and clinics have begun administering vaccinations.  In Oklahoma, you can decide whether to vaccinate your children, but families in New Jersey no longer have that option.  The state's day care and preschool children must be vaccinated by December 31, and the new mandate had stirred up a controversy there.  The requirement has left the rest of the country wondering how preschools and day cares plan to keep kids safe from the flu. 

At Lawton's Playcare, Inc., the first thing they do is to make sure youngsters are washing their hands in the amount of time it takes for them to say their ABCs, which is about 15 seconds.  "Parents come in and wash their hands when they come in the door," said Pam Kerr, Executive Director of Playcare, Inc.  "All children wash their hands when they come in the door, they also have to wash their hands when they leave." 

Adults and children should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day.  "The best thing to do to protect their child is, of course, to teach your child about hand washing," said Nurse Practitioner Angela Farmer.  "Especially with the flu, now, the CDC recommends that every child between the ages of 6 to 18 get the flu vaccine."

Farmer says it's extremely important for children who attend day care or preschool.  Children pass viruses and colds back and forth each time they wipe their nose with their hand.  "It's spread if they sneeze, or cough, in their hand and they don't wash their hands and they touch food, glasses, mom's hand, another kids hand"

Playcare, Inc. says they constantly wash and scrub everything.  They bleach their flat tables, shelves, or anything within reach of germy hands.  But, the two most important things are to wash your hands and your child's hands, and to get everyone vaccinated for the flu. 

The Comanche County Health Department will begin giving flu shots on Tuesday, October 21.  the drive-through clinic for adults will be on Tuesday at the Great Plains Coliseum in Lawton, and you should complete a form ahead of time at the health department.

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