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Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill needs your help to realize "field of dreams"

Lawton_A "field of dreams" is being built in Lawton, and when it's finished, more than 3,000 special needs kids will be able to play baseball on a unique field made just for them.  The Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill will build the field at Elmer Thomas Park, but they are a long way from realizing the dream, and need the public's help to raise more money before opening day at the ballpark.

Right now, the baseball diamond isn't a diamond at all.  Instead, it's a grassy knoll at the park, filled with prairie dog holes.  However, in about six months, the Miracle League hopes to transform the grass-covered area into a field of dreams.  President of the Miracle League, Lawton-Fort Sill Kelley Bass has heard first-hand from the kids, and seen their faces light up when they hit the field - one little girl in particular.  "It really is a field of dreams because when she's out there playing ball she doesn't have a disability - because she can do anything," said Bass.

These kids only need to be given a chance to reach their potential, and do the same things that every other kid does on any given day.  "It allows the kids to compete and play how they normally wouldn't be able to do," said Physical Therapist Aimee Carter.  This baseball park will be the first of its kind in Lawton.  "Mentally and physically challenged kids in this community haven't really had any place to go play, or play baseball or any sort of sports, or play even on a playground, ever," said Carter.  "So, this will give them an opportunity to do that."

The ballpark will have bleachers, lights, a scoreboard - the works!  Special needs kids will now have a place to lace up their sneakers and hit a home run.  Stormy Sanders, for one, can't wait to swing his bat and run the bases at the new field.  "You know, when you get tired that's the apple in front of you--can't wait for opening day," he said.

The Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill is hopeful that opening day will be Spring of 2009, but they still have a lot of fundraising to do before they break ground.  First, they need to raise $70,000 by November 30.  If they reach that goal, the McMahon Foundation says it will add another $50,000 to the cause.

If you would like to donate the Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill, contact Kelley Bass at 580-248-0337 or visit their website at http://www.miracleleagueoflawton-fortsill.com/donation.htm.

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