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"We CAN Drive 65"

Lawton_KCCU is the local public radio station at Cameron University, and it's in the middle of an eight-day on-air fundraiser.  The title of this year's event is "We Can Drive 65."  The fundraiser title refers to the station's goal of signing 65 new members to the KCCU family, and raising $65,000 toward programming costs.

KCCU is a public radio station which depends on listener donations to help pay for programming costs.  Daniel Brown sometimes listens to KCCU.  "I have a couple times just to see what was going on it especially when I first came to campus since it is the radio station on campus," he said.

KCCU General Manager Ted Riley says that public radio has more time to investigate every angle of a story.  "Public radio brings you in-depth news stories that you can't find in commercial radio," he said.  News Director David Meyer helps to tell those stories.  "I think what you get on - usually - most commercial radio outlets are just soundbytes," he said.  "With public radio you can tell the whole story - you get an opportunity to tell the whole story."

This past September 11 Meyer interviewed people around the university for information they remembered about what they were doing when they learned of the terrorists' attacks on that fateful day.  He wants folks to understand the value of public radio.  In addition to local reports, there are nationally syndicated programs that air on KCCU, such as "The Prairie Home Companion." 

Riley says he hopes to surpass what they raised during last year's fundraiser.  "The last time we raised a little more than $62, 000, and we had well over 100 new members join the KCCU family," he said.  KCCU needs approximately $18 per hour to stay on the air - $427 per day, $3,000 per week, $156,000 per year.

KCCU broadcasts KSWO's severe weather coverage to keep you informed on the road, and our meteorologists provide weekday.  They'll be accepting donations until 6 p.m. Friday, and all donations go toward programming costs at KCCU.  Please contact them to make a donation at 580-581-2472 or visit their website at www.kccu.org.

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