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Duncan man charged with murder of Duncan teen

Duncan_A Duncan man being held in connection with the shooting death of a Duncan teenager in a park has been charged with his murder.  After three weeks, the Stephens County District Attorney has charged 21-year-old Elijah Davis with first-degree murder in the killing of Cyrus Holland.

Duncan Police say that the investigation took so much time because it was difficult to track down witnesses.  They say in cases such as this one, where police believe it may be gang-related, witnesses are often mum, and the only way to crack the silence is to push harder.

However, witnesses did begin to come forward.  Two of them placed Davis at the scene of the crime, but the witnesses say the shooting did not occur during a fight or argument.  They say that Davis casually walked up to Holland and asked for a candy bar.  Moments later, Davis fired shots at Holland and fled in a green SUV.  Another witness reported that Davis was at her house that morning in an SUV which fit the description police were looking for.

Police say they believe it was a gang-related shooting.  "All of the law enforcement in the area, are working on our gang problems," said Stephens County District Attorney Bret Burns.  "We believe part of it is coming over from Lawton, so we're addressing that issue with the gang problems, and we believe this case came from that."

Because of the possible overlapping of county gang activity, Burns asked that the judge deny Davis's bond.  "We believe he is a threat to the community, we believe he is a threat to flee, so we asked that his bond be denied, and the judge followed that," he said.

Denial of bond for someone with a first-degree murder charge is common, but in Davis's case, authorities say they believe he is a bigger threat to the community because of previous behavior.  Two weeks prior to the shooting death of Holland, Davis himself was shot in the chest in Duncan, and despite being hospitalized with a collapsed lung, and facing possible surgery, Davis fled.  Police say they want to ensure that doesn't happen again. 

Elijah Davis's next hearing is set for January 12.

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