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"Dark Knight" star takes tour to Oklahoma

Bartlesville_Christian Bale told a coffee shop employee that he visited a northeastern Oklahoma town to take "a break."

The 34-year-old star of the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight" visited a Starbucks on Friday afternoon in Bartlesville. The town of 35,000 is known for being the home of The Price Tower, a 19-story structure designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Amie Faulkner, a shift manager at the coffee shop, says Bale ordered a grande chai latte.

When a worker named Molly served him, Faulkner says that in customary Starbucks fashion, she asked for his name to write on his cup.

Faulkner says Bale spoke really low and said "Christian." Faulkner says that Bale told his server that he was in town for the day and was staying at The Price Tower.

Later in the conversation, Faulkner says Bale told Molly that he "was taking a break and thought Bartlesville was OK." She says few people recognized Bale during his visit to the shop.

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