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AA drops a holiday flight; Delta adds one

Lawton_The biggest week of travel each year is Thanksgiving week.  However, this year, you may not be able to fly to the destination that you hope.  Airlines will offer about 3,000 less flights nationwide than last year - about 2.6 million seats.  One of those flights is getting cut right here in Lawton, leaving many Texoma residents with a higher price-tag for flights, and a lower chance of departing for their destination by air.

Several airlines have reported hundreds of millions in losses last quarter, and a representative from American Airlines says the decline in revenue is to blame for the flight shortage.  With the busy holiday season approaching, delays and missed connections are both part of the journey.  With 3,000 flights being dropped nationwide, it will make it much harder for travelers to arrive at their destination.  "If you're wanting to get into a certain location on short notice, you may have trouble," said Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport Manager Barbara McNally.

Fewer flights means higher prices, and American Airlines has reported about a 10% increase on domestic flights from last year's prices.  McNally advises travelers to book their reservations early, and book them now.  "The earlier you book the cheaper the fares are going to be," she said.

American Airlines' American Eagle division will cut one Lawton flight on Thanksgiving Day, leaving 66 fewer seats into or out of Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport.  However, there is a silver lining.  On November 16, Delta plans to add a flight to Lawton on the days it usually only has one.  So, although American Eagle has dropped a flight, Delta has added one to make up for the loss, and the additional flight will stay at least until next spring.

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