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Walters woman says she's run out of luck

Walters_A Walters resident says her luck has run out in Oklahoma and she's ready to move.  Her bad luck began when her house caught fire.  She had to pack up her three kids and move to a hotel, and just when she thought things couldn't get worse, she was beaten and robbed at a Lawton McDonalds.

Police were able to track down and arrest the robber - Jaromee Wymel Moore - but the mother of three doesn't know where she will stay, or how she will get where she needs to go because she's also having car trouble. 

Three weeks ago, Elizabeth Thompson packed up her family and moved to Oklahoma from Iowa to be near her fiance's family.  She said that when she arrived she didn't get the Oklahoma welcome that she anticipated.  "I told the landlord I noticed mold growing in the kitchen walls, and I gave her ten days to come and fix it, and she ignored me," said Thompson. 

Shortly after contacting her landlord about the mold problem, she noticed smoke and heard a popping noise coming from her kitchen wall.  Thompson called her landlord again.  "She then told me that it was too late in the day that someone would be over in the morning," she said.  "She called me three-way with her husband in the morning, cursing at me and told me to pack up and get out."  Moments later, a fire started.  "My house caught on fire in Walters.  I called the fire department.  The electricians came out and I'm without power at my house."

Thompson managed to get assistance from the Red Cross who paid to put her and her kids in a motel for two days.  When she left to get dinner at McDonald's on Cache Road, she was mugged.  "He came up from my left side and punched me in the neck area when my head was turned - I had my son on my shoulders - and reached into my pocket and took off."

Thompson went to the hospital to be treated for bruises and scrapes, but after waiting there for four hours, she says she gave up and went back to the motel.  Now, she says she doesn't feel safe.  "All this bad luck is happening one after the other, I just can't help but think maybe this is God's way of telling me I need to go back home."

24-year-old Jaromee Wymel Moore has been charged with Thompson's robbery.  Police say he was discharged from the military last week for theft.  They believe Moore may be connected to other local robberies.

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