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Dist. 62 candidates vie for seat

Lawton_On Tuesday, November 4, some General Election voters will also cast ballots for special propositions and decide other races - including some seats in the Oklahoma House. 

District 62 covers primarily west Lawton, and incumbent T.W. Shannon wants another two years in office.  However, Lawton City Councilman Randy Warren believes he is the better candidate for the district.  Both candidates say that economic development related to growth in the area from Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) is at the top of their to do list.

Shannon says he wants to ensure that the state pays for interest on bond projects related to BRAC growth.  "We've got make sure the state keeps its commitment, as far as Senate Bill 751 is concerned, and continue to expand upon that," he said.  However, Warren says the bill isn't funded.  "That's two years ago," he said.  "It's still is not funded.  Anyone can pass legislation.  If it's not funded it, doesn't mean anything."

Under Senate Bill 751, lawmakers said the State of Oklahoma would pay for the interest on the bond projects related to BRAC growth, but despite House and Senate leaders saying they were committed to providing the funds, the money still has not arrived. 

Both candidates say that BRAC will provide billions of dollars for the Oklahoma economy.  "This is going to be a $4 billion impact over the next three or four years to the state economy, and that certainly is no small drop in the bucket," said Shannon.  "The state can certainly start making more investments to make sure we can compete for BRAC. not just do well in this one, but start preparing for the next BRAC as well."

"The state would have been bending over backwards for Dell and General Motors," said Warren. "Basically what we did to the federal government is slap them in the face and say, ‘We think you're going to come one way or the other, so we're not going to worry about it."

Shannon and Warren also agree that education is a top priority. "I would like to see us open the OLAP scholarships, or just the theory of OLAP scholarships to include our Career Techs," Warren said.  "We're pigeonholing too many kids that may or may not be able to go to college." 

"Continuing to make sure our young people can compete in a global marketplace," said Shannon. "Making sure our state schools have the resources."

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