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Cameron celebrates Diversity Day

Lawotn_Many cultures came together at Cameron University on Friday to celebrate diversity with education, entertainment, and exotic foods.  Student organizations set up booths, brought samples of their cultural foods, and sang favorite songs.  "It's a chance for our student organizations to come out and present their cultures," said Jennifer Prunicki, who is in charge of student development.  Lawton's Buffalo Soldiers were on hand to present colors at the beginning of the festivities, and they manned a booth display to answer questions.

Cultures from every corner of the world were represented - including some from the United States.  Cameron students got a real-life history lesson today as Buffalo Soldier re-enactors such as Fred Gray presented colors and taught students about their organizations history.  "A lot of the history [of the Buffalo Soldiers] is largely left out of many of our history books, not taught in schools," said Gray.  "Our purpose is to perpetuate the memory of our comrades who have gone on before us." 

The smells of Asian, Caribbean, and American food wafted through the air, and after revelers filled their bellies, they gave their ears a treat, too.  Music ranged from Chinese Folklore to more modern music that suits today's listeners.  Singer Suhui Grondski says she was born to sing.  "I'm originally from Korea," she said.  "I came here when I was almost 20 years old.  "When I was in Korea, I sang in school, basically - school choir and church." 

Diversity Day's purpose is to promote understanding and respect among diverse cultures.  Seven student organizations joined together to help put on the event.  Cameron's Diversity Day has been an annual tradition for more than 10 years at the regional university.

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