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Red Ribbon Week's message not lost on youngsters

Lawton_Keeping America's future drug-free is the focus of many Lawton schools with Red Ribbon Week activities taking center stage this week.  Washington Elementary School had a costume contest in which students dressed up as their favorite book characters, and students at Crosby Park Elementary had a balloon drop in the afternoon to help kick off Red Ribbon Week.

Washington's students dressed up as their favorite book character for Monday's theme - "I'd Rather Be Reading than Doing Drugs."  The students are making a statement that drugs won't be in their future.  Isaias Llanos chose to dress as the Cat in the Hat because the youngster says the cat is funny and wears his favorite color.  "He's funny, and he wears red, and that's my favorite color," said Isaias.  Later in the week, Washington Elementary students will see who can decorate the best door, and on Monday there also was a coloring contest. 

Even with all of the fun, the message of Red Ribbon Week resonates with these kids - as each of them chimed in with, "Say no to drugs."  Cinderella summed it up best.  "It's the best way to keep children off of drugs," she said.  "You do fun things instead of doing drugs."  When asked what he would do if someone offered him drugs, the cowboy proved the message wasn't lost on him, either.  "I would say no, because drugs are bad."

Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug abuse prevention program in the United States, and it reaches millions of people each year.

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