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Get ready to vote!

Lawton_On November 4, the United States will pick its new leaders, and while voter registration in Oklahoma may have ended on October 10, the campaigning didn't.  The race is far from over, and in some cases, more frenzied than ever.  While voters can no longer register, many plan to vote using absentee ballots, and are stopping by the Comanche County Courthouse to learn where their polling place is located.

Not only are election board offices humming around the state, so are the local party headquarters.  Both parties aren't resting until election night.  All parties hope that volunteers will kick it up a notch right up until Super Tuesday. 

In Lawton, Jason Robinson is registered to vote, but since he won't be able to vote on election day, he's voting early.  He has been doing his best to learn all he can about the candidates.  "You gotta research, dig deep and make the best opinion you can," he said.

The party faithful are pulling out all the stops in the hopes of convincing voters to pick their guy - or gal - as the clock ticks down to election day.  Lucas Cara manages the Republican office in Lawton, and says he was surprised about just who was voting for the first time.  "We've had several drives, and people have really registered," he said.  "We've had people as old as 73 that registered for the first time in their life."  However, he says not everyone is stopping by to register to vote.  "Most people that come in here they want McCain/Palin signs, so it's our job to kind of distribute those to everyone."

Democrats and Republicans say they estimate that about 50-60 people visit their headquarters each day, and Democrat Betty Simmons says she's ready to work until the last minute.  She says she thinks that this year the Sooner State will change its color from red to blue.  "We're fired up and ready to go, and looking forward to Oklahoma being blue on November the 5th!"

Lucas says he's skeptical that an overwhelmingly conservative state like Oklahoma will change its stripes.  "Honestly, I highly doubt that, really," he said.  "Especially down here, I mean." 

Democrats and Republicans both say that even though there is less than one week remaining until the election, you can still support your candidates by putting up yard signs and volunteering.  Whatever your political persuasion, you still have time to make a difference, even before you go to the polls. 

In person absentee/early voting begins on Halloween, Friday, October 31 at 8 a.m., at your county courthouse, and continues until Monday, November 3 until 6 p.m.  On Super Tuesday, November 4, polls will close at 7 p.m.  Wed., Oct. 29 5pm is deadline for submitting applications for absentee voting by mail.

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