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Cosgrove, Holland vie for Okla. House Dist. 51

Marlow_On November 4, voters in the Marlow, Velma, Rush Springs, Comanche, Waurika, and Walters areas, will decide who will be their next state representative.  Term limits have forced long time resident Ray McCarter out of office, and now, two more Marlow educators hope to fill his position.

Tommy Cosgrove (D) and Corey Holland (R) may be his opponents, but for many years, they walked Marlow High School's halls together as fellow educators - so, it's no surprise that education is a top priority for each of their campaigns.  "We get to see really how the dollars impact the local schools," said Holland.  "One of the things I want to make certain that happens is - I know there's always going to be a push to provide more funding for our schools, and I think there's some definite needs there - but I want to make sure that funding is reaching the classroom."

Cosgrove hopes to make more specific changes to testing and teaching.  "I hope we can affect some of the testing requirements, some of the class size issues," he said.  "Issues like that will help our teachers, and our students, receive a quality education." 

Both candidates feels that they are strong leaders who will work to improve the efficiency of Oklahoma's state government.  Holland says he believes that the winner of the race will face difficult state budgetary issues.  "I want to address the real needs that are there, but I want to prioritize those in such a way that when the oil and natural gas begins to decline - which we know eventually that's probably going to happen - that we haven't obligated ourselves to a budget that we can not meet," said Holland.

While no one knows for sure what next year's budget will look like, Cosgrove says that voters are telling him just how much the economy is on their minds.  "Obviously the economy, right now, is on everybody's mind," he said.  "I'm sure that's going to affect our budget, and sales tax revenues, and other revenues that the state would have.  We'll just have to wait and see what impact that has long range."

To view the full candidate profile of Holland and Cosgrove, visit Meet the Candidates.
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