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Obama wins Eisenhower Elem.'s mock election

Lawton_Students across the country chose their new President on Thursday.  Students at Eisenhower Elementary in Lawton were a big part of the National Student-Parent Mock Election.  Students filled out ballots and put them in a big ballot box, just like their parents will on Tuesday.  All of the students seemed to know exactly who they wanted to vote for, and they seemed very confident in their decisions.

Teacher Lucy Boucher says voting is a civic duty.  "I want them to realize that they should take pride in being an American citizen, and they need to realize the importance of voting and that their voice will be counted for," she said.  Boucher's 4th and 5th graders ran the polls, registering student voters, and guarding the ballot box.  "It feels like an honor, and it feels great," said 4th grade student Blaise Manuel.  "It's really fun."

Blaise was in charge of counting ballots, but he had a voice of his own, too.  "I'm going to vote for McCain," he said.  There were young voters on both sides of the party divide.  Boucher says there is a definite correlation between how the kids vote, and how their parents vote.  "Its a conversation at the dinner table a lot," she said.  "Parents and kids are talking - the kids hear it on the news."

If actual voter trends can be determined by how folks kids vote in their mock elections, then 7News discovered that Eisenhower Elementary parents may be voting - according to our "exit poll" - for Senator Barack Obama by four to one. 

Boucher says Obama won Eisenhower's mock election.  The final results were Sen. Barack Obama - 117, Sen. John McCain - 34.  The National Student Mock Election results will be announced on November 3 - the day before the election.  Count on 7News to let you know the results.

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