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Truck crashes into Atlanta Bread Company

Lawton_A Lawton restaurant became a drive-thru on Thursday morning, but it was a complete accident.  A pick-up truck plowed into the Atlanta Bread Company on Gore and Sheridan.  Two employees inside the restaurant were right in the path of the vehicle, but miraculously escaped serious injury - perhaps even death - by mere seconds.  Police say the driver of the truck accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.  No one was seriously physically injured in the crash, but emotionally, it's a different story.  The walls of the entire restaurant are glass, and the pick-up plowed right through the glass windows - crushing anything in its way. 

Before the incident, the day began as normal at the Atlanta Bread Company.  Customers were eating, workers serving and cooking - but, that changed in an instant.  Employee Mat't Brooks was only inches away when the truck came barreling through the restaurant.  "We thought a bomb hit our building," he said.  She and her fellow employee, Liz, were in the restroom when the truck slammed through.  Seconds earlier, Mat't says she was about to leave.  She says her co-worker had to tell her something, so she stayed in. 

The restaurant's bathrooms are located directly behind where the vehicle crashed through the window.  Had Mat't not stayed, there is little doubt that the truck and glass would have hit her.  Owner Tyrone Muldowney was in his office doing paperwork when the crash occurred.  "[There was a] big boom, and then I heard a shelf fall down, which was I guess the big plate glass," he said. 

Muldowney says he's glad that he had that special glass.  "If it's broken out it turns into little bitty pebbles so it doesn't fly all everywhere or cut people," he said.  "It drops automatically - it turns into little pebbles." 

Mat't says she's still shaken by it all, and says she found a friend for life in Liz.  "I already hugged her and told her she's my hero, and I never thought I'd have to say it to her," she said.  Liz was so shaken up that she said she could use the bathroom after the crash. "I don't have to go anymore," she said.  "I will wait until I go home."

The truck that did all the damage got banged up a bit, but the elderly couple inside were okay.  No one was seriously hurt, and it may be just plain lucky that everyone went home in one piece.  The restaurant remains open for business. 

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