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Oklahoma gun owners worried about Obama Presidency

Lawton_Oklahomans are purchasing more guns, and so is much of the rest of the United States.  Some gun enthusiasts are concerned that if Senator Barack Obama is elected President, there will be a new restrictive legislation on particular types of guns.  So, many gun buyers are going shopping before the election.  Obama supports gun control measures of certain types of guns and a ban on assault weapon ownership.

Gun shops say Tuesday's election is a hot topic among their customers, but the focus isn't on taxes or healthcare - it's all about guns.  Gun owners are concerned about how the laws may change, depending upon who becomes President.

Ken Murphree wears his gun on his hip all the time in his Duncan store, and says a lot of other people are purchasing similar weapons lately.  "Everybody's in a hurry to hurry up and get it [a gun] for fear of Obama being elected," he said.  Murphree says gun sales at his store always go up at the beginning of hunting season, but handguns and other semi-automatic weapons are selling better than usual.  In fact, gun sales nationally are up about 25%.  "With the national election coming on and a threat of someone like Obama going to office - that has a very staunch anti-gun platform - people are very concerned," said Murphree.

So, those who say they believe a Senator Obama Presidency will have an effect on their second amendment right, are stockpiling out of fear that they won't be able to buy guns later.  Some people also say they are concerned about being able to register for concealed weapons permits.  "There are some people that mention - when they come to take the class that we teach - that they're afraid of any new legislation that might affect that," said Murphree.  "In my opinion, it won't."

Gunsmith and instructor Jon Ax says that more people are getting permits now, and a lot of them aren't traditional handgun owners.  "About 40%of my students are women, and, also, elderly couples," he said.  Ax says he thinks the buyer should be able to make the decision on the sort of gun they can have, but supports gun legislation.  "I personally believe the restrictions and requirements to possess and own a handgun ought to be more strict - do a little more detailed background check."

Murf's displays the candidates' views on gun control at the cash register, but Ax says more regulations may happen if McCain wins.  "There may be legislation even if Republicans gain office," he said.  "You have Congress, and you have the Senate, which really control that legislation."  Ax says he believes the current increase in gun sales is temporary, and that concerns probably stemmed from the assault weapons ban that lasted from 1994 - 2004.  However, Ax says he doesn't think that new measures would be as restrictive.

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