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Oklahoma House District 50 candidates discuss healthcare

Stephens County_Oklahoma's House District 50 includes the best of both worlds - the metropolitan area of Duncan, and rural communities scattered throughout Stephens, Cotton, and eastern Comanche County.  On Tuesday, District 50 voters will decide whether to send their current representative, or a former lawmaker, back to the capitol.

Dennis Johnson (R) says he is just getting started after finishing his first two years in the house.   "I'm ready to go back and do some more of what we've been doing, which is being fiscally responsible, and seeing to the needs of the elderly, and funding our schools, and looking to the needs of the rural and ag people," said Johnson.  "I would just like to go back and do some more."  Daisy Lawler (D) says she's ready to return to the capitol following her service in the state senate from 2003-2006.  "I believe that with my educational background - teaching 28 years - I have a better understanding of the needs of education, and would like to go back up there and work on that issue, plus others: the economy, healthcare, there are many issues...roads and bridges."

While there are many issues to address, both candidates talked about healthcare on Thursday.  "I believe we can implement a program that will cut the amount of tax dollars that it costs for emergency rooms, and yet provide a different kind of healthcare for those people - that it's really not an emergency, but maybe they don't have insurance, and their children are sick, and they need a doctor," said Lawler. 

"The mandate issue that we have in our state tends to drive up premiums," said Johnson.  "We can look at what kind of mandates that might be necessary, or some that we maybe don't need them as badly as we think - maybe privatizing some things, maybe reducing the coverage down to basic coverage that everybody can get.  Then, those who want extra coverage for certain things can purchase that...more of a market-based than privatized type thing," he said.

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