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Christmas in October for the LFD and SW Oklahoma

Lawton_Being prepared for a fire is crucial, and the Lawton Fire Department (LFD) couldn't be more prepared now that the Technical Rescue Trailer has rolled in, bringing new capabilities that the LFD has never had before.

It's like other emergency vehicles, but it has the ability to make rescues that the department never could before.  "We'll be a lot more able to go out and participate in these rescue incidents if we have them," said Firefighter Jared Williams. "We'll be able to go out and take care of the citizens of Lawton, also SW Oklahoma, as we go out - if they have an event"

The Technical Rescue Trailer cost about $400,000, but it's no additional cost to Lawton taxpayers.  It's courtesy of a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security (ODHA), and their regional response coordinator says Lawton is the right place for it.  "Emergencies could happen anywhere in the state, and these guys are ready to respond 24/7," said Michael Ray with ODHA. 

Inside the truck there is a command center where firefighters will be making all operational decisions during the time of an emergency.  The trailer's rescue region encompasses all 17 counties of southwest Oklahoma. 

Lawton firefighters are excited to have the new rescue abilities - they save lives every day.  Now they have a new state-of-the-art trailer to help. 

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