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Lawton students win video contest advocated by First Lady Kim Henry

Lawton_Oklahoman is dead last among the states for residents to eat the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies.  The state is also first in the nation for heart disease and diabetes, so Oklahoma's First Lady Kim Henry is making an effort to make a change with a "My Take on Health" video contest for Oklahoma kids. 

The contest requires participants to be a middle or high school student in order to submit a 30-60 second video about health.  A first and second place winner will be chosen each month for three months, and there will be a drawing every week.  This week, two of the winners were from Lawton's MacArthur Middle School - and student Tate Bolin and his brother won a new Xbox 360.  "We just thought it would be something fun to do with our time," said Tate. 

The Bolin brothers submitted a video featuring Mr. Potatohead a few weeks ago.  The video shows the damage that drugs do to a healthy Mr. Potatohead.  "The first picture I have him standing up, and I just switch the mouths so it makes him look like he's opening and closing his mouth," said Bolin.  The Bolins make it sound easy, but producing the video was not easy.  It took a lot of editing work.

Kim Henry says the contest is a great way to raise health awareness.  "If we can start changing the behavior, and start changing it at a young age, then maybe we can have a better future and healthier future for Oklahoma," she said.  "It's just as easy to eat an apple, or orange, or pear as it is to pick up a candy bar."  Henry says she wants health education to be entertaining.  "What I want is our kids to be healthy, and I want them to learn about health - and this is a fun," she said.

This month's winners will be announced on Thursday, and the Bolin brothers are keeping their fingers crossed.  However, they say that if they don't win this time, there's always next month when they can enter again.  For more information, visit and vote for the Bolins to win on Thursday.

We'll update you on the results.

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