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Despite polling place relocations, Jackson County sees record voter turnout

Jackson County_Voters in Jackson County lined up at their polling places on Tuesday, and election officials there say it's a record turnout they haven't seen before.  However, some folks in Altus didn't cast their ballots at the same booth they did last election - the changes left some people wondering where their polling place was.

Election Secretary Jennifer Wilson says that despite changes in polling places, voters managed to find their way to the ballot box.  "We've mailed out almost 600 absentee ballots," she said.  "We have had 1,590 voters in person here at the courthouse, which is a tremendous amount."

Wilson says that a fire earlier this year changed some polling locations.  "We have two election polling places that have moved," she said.  "We had a church in town that burned down, and we had to move that polling place down the road."  The First Christian Church in Altus burned down after lightning struck it back in June.  "It actually just moved a couple blocks down the road to the Masonic Lodge," Wilson said.

The Navajo School also had an election day conflict because they had school sports going on, so that polling place was relocated to the Warren Community Center.  Despite the few changes, there were still a lot of people voting - such as Edna Dodson, who helped sum up the process.  "This is a fundamental right that we have," she said.  "It's a way of exercising our opinions."

Election officials in Jackson County reported no problems or irregularities on Tuesday, and say the machine that tallys the ballot has a trigger that ejects the ballot back out if a voter has filled it out incorrectly.  For example, if a voter marks their choice for both Presidential candidates, the machine will display an error message, and eject the ballot.

Oklahoma polls close at 8 p.m.

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