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Lawton senior citizens share thoughts on historic election

Lawton_Voters packed the polls all day on Tuesday with a record turnout across Lawton.  While younger voters have gotten a lot of publicity in this historic election, there are plenty of older voters who aren't taking this election lightly.  One out of every five votes cast will be by someone who is 65 years or older. 

A group of seniors took a bus ride to their polling place on Tuesday, singing "God Bless America" all the way there.  "I voted I've been looking forward to this," said Ozia.  "I voted in the presidential election...the historic presidential election," Sarah said.  Kathleen couldn't remember how many times she's voted in her lifetime.  "It's been a lot," she said.

Some members of this group's first voted for Lyndon Johnson and Dwight D. Eisenhower.  At 98 years of age, a few don't recall what year they first marked their ballots.  But, they do say this is the most important election ever.  "We've never had a black president...we've never had a lady vice-president," said Sarah.  To these voters, whichever way it goes, they'll get to see more history being made, making it all the more worthwhile to wait in line - even for more than an hour.  "I never stood in a line to vote like this - never," said Fred.

Line or no line, these voters wanted to cast their ballot in person.  "It's important to me to be there on the day," said Sarah.  "I've always been that way, no matter what happens."  The lines didn't keep them away, and neither did the hard to read ballots.  "My vote counts, just like everybody else's just like yours and yours," said Sarah.  "I hope ya'll are voting."

Historically, Oklahoma is known for having one of the best voting systems in the country.

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