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Lawton girl donates hair to "Locks of Love"

Lawton_When you lose your hair, you can lose your confidence, too. For kids that can be especially heartbreaking. But thanks to people like Lawton fifth grader Miranda Merritt, many now can look just like every other kid.

 10-year-old Miranda had her long hair cut off Wednesday so she could donate it to the non-profit organization "Locks of Love." The non-profit group designs wigs for children which are made from the donors' hair. "Cutting my hair for ‘Locks of Love' for the third time since I was -- I started when I was six," said Miranda.

  She decided to donate her hair to "Locks of Love" after Great Aunt Melanie was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. "Every time we went to see Melanie it just really disturbed Miranda that she had lost her hair, and she wanted to know why we couldn't do something about that," said Miranda's Mom Kimberly Merritt.

  "She lost all her hair, and she was very sick, and I saw how sad she was--and I actually wanted to make a wig for her," said Miranda.

  So at the age of 6, Miranda started to let her hair grow--but before it was long enough to cut for a wig, her great aunt lost her battle with cancer.   Miranda, however, was determined to carry out her promise. She knew that somewhere, somehow, she could make someone happy. "They can finally fit in and be a kid, and they don't have to wear a wig that they can't do anything in," Miranda said.

  Miranda plans to let her hair grow, cut off the long locks, and donate her hair two more times. "She's demonstrated from a very young age that God created her with a servant heart.  She is the one who will make herself late for class (by) holding the door for someone else," her mother said.

  It takes about 15 months for Miranda's hair to grow long enough to cut so she could donate the lengthy strands to "Locks of Love."  Each time she says it's been worth because she knows she's brightening another kid's life.

  To visit the "Locks of Love" website click here.

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