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After crash, motorcyclist's parents urge riders to take caution

Lawton_Motorcycles are fast, cool, and a cheap way to travel.  However, riding on a cycle isn't always the safest mode of transportation - something a MacArthur High School junior knows that all too well.  Sixteen-year-old Joseph Krawetzke crashed his motorcycle just west of the school on Tuesday night, and is still recovering.  His father says Joseph is lucky to be alive, thanks to his safety gear.  Doctors expect him to spend the next few days in the hospital.

Motorcycle safety is as simple as putting on a helmet and zipping up a jacket, but a lot of motorcyclists don't do it.  "You're on borrowed time - you know you're taking your life in your hands by not wearing that equipment," said Krawetzke.  "Not only could you die, but you could remain in a state where you're having a breathing tube and a feeding tube."  Police agree.  "You're not wrapped in fiberglass, or you're not wrapped in sheet metal," said Detective Brent Yarbrough.  "Any little thing - bugs, birds, animals, any of that - can create a problem for a motorcyclist."

For Joseph, a bump in the road - a pothole - caused him to crash.  After he slid 100 feet, he went to the hospital with abrasions and contusions, but not a single broken bone.  "He's in a lot of pain, and he's going to suffer for some time while these road rashes heal," said Krawetzke. 

Doctors expect him to fully recover from his injuries, but his mother and father hope to spread the word about motorcycle safety.  They hope others will learn from their son's experience.  "Wearing proper equipment will save your life, and reduce the injuries that you will sustain when you hit the pavement," said Krawetzke.  "Had a paramedic tell me one time he could probably put everything back together from the neck down, but from the neck up - the head - there's no hope, there's absolutely no hope"

Wearing a helmet is the most important protection a cyclist can have.  For more information about motorcycle safety, visit

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