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It's property tax time; some changes made in Comanche County process

Comanche County_It's property tax time, and the Comanche County Treasurer's Office will be sending out tax bills in the coming days.  Most folks who pay property tax in Comanche County are accustomed to getting the bill in the mail, and sending a check directly back to the treasurer's office This year things are a little different.

The first half of property owners bills still are due by December 31, but the check will be sent someplace different.  "There's a new mailing address, but really for the taxpayer there will be no difference," said Comanche County Treasurer Barbara Burk.  "They write their check, mail in their statement, it goes directly to the bank, and we process it through the bank to here."

Checks will be sent directly to Banc First in Oklahoma City, eliminating "the middle man" and speeding up the process for taxpayers.  "The check will get in the bank faster.  It will clear their bank faster, and their taxes will be paid faster," said Burk.  The new process carries no additional cost to Comanche County, plus it will save time for the treasurer's office.  When more than 52,000 payments are no longer crossing their desks, it will also ease pressure on the staff.  "This is going to take a big load off of the office staff where we can focus more on the customers that come in," Burk said.

Customers can continue to come in and pay their bill at the treasurer's office.  "They can still walk in the office and pay at the front counter--we're happy to see them," she said.  Burk says she also has a few reminders for taxpayers.  She says that if you have not received your bill by November 20, or if you have received a bill that should have gone to your mortgage company, be sure to call the treasurer's office to ensure that situation is corrected.  However, property owners should make sure they pay the first half of their bill by the end of the year.  The second half his due on March 31.

Property taxes in Stephens and Jackson counties will continue to be paid to their county treasurer's offices. 

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