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Lawton students honor veterans

Lawton_Patriotism, honor, and sacrifice were lessons planted in students' minds as they planted American flags at Fort Sill National Cemetery on Friday.  The students got the opportunity to hear a few stories of soldiers who are buried at the cemetery, and learned the proper way to display Old Glory. 

Kids spread out, carrying bundles of flags, and planted one on the left side of each tombstone.  The field trip opened the eyes of many young students from Flower Mound Elementary School, as they learned how inspiring it is that soldiers would sacrifice everything for their country. 

A cemetery groundskeeper told the students story after story, of sacrifice after sacrifice.  "Take a moment some time during the day and think about the veterans and what they've done for us, ok?"  He told the children about Sergeant Till who died young after battling in World War II.  "He was a crew member of a B-52 that crashed on a recon mission New Guinea," he said.  "Chief Warrant Officer Rogan, whose helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  And, of course, those of you who've been out here before have heard the story of Superman.  Steven Scott, Specialist Steven Scott, joined the Army and he also was killed in Iraq serving his country," he said.  "Out here on his headstone his family wrote, ‘He was Superman to all of us.'"

Many students paused at Specialist Scott's tombstone for a moment of silence before planting their next flag.  Retired military man Robert Parker drove the students' school bus to the cemetery, and had some thoughts on the trip.  "It's a great honor to come out here and give back in some small way for the great sacrifices they have made."  Parker ended the day by playing taps.

The Flower Mound students get the day off from school next Tuesday for Veteran's Day.  The Fort Sill National Cemetery is the 120th national cemetery in the United States.

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