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Police nab suspected car burglar

Lawton_A Las Vegas man is behind bars in Lawton after police say he committed over four dozen car burglaries Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Police arrested Michael James Lafon, 19, near the IBC Bank on N.W. 63rd and Cache Road.

Two officers on patrol spotted Lafon running away from the bank and stopped him. They found a McDonald's bag he hid in a planter at the bank, filled with GPS devices and other stolen loot. That's when they said he confessed to burglarizing unlocked cars in the area.  "He was just targeting cars that were convenient for him," said Lawton Police Captain Will Hines.  "He wasn't breaking any windows, just checking vehicles that were not locked."

Monday, Lafon rode with detectives and pointed out 51 driveways of cars he said he entered and searched.  Police say Lafon wanted to pawn the stolen items for money to get back to Las Vegas.

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